Real Sales Talk - Sales talk with real professionals

What is Real Sales Talk?

Real Sales Talk is a virtual meeting that takes place every Wednesdays at 9AM & 4pm. This virtual meeting is for real sales, industrial sales, business development, or industrial professionals who have specific questions regarding sales. For each session, real questions are asked to those who are participating. The participants on the call provide solutions to the questions. The key to this amazing virtual meeting is that everyone participates.

Our format changes monthly. At times, we will do a series of topics that are focused on one part of the sales process such as prospecting. We also invite sales trainers to participate in this virtual meeting as well. The goal is for the participants to deliver quality answers to questions that fellow participants have regarding the sale process.

Have a Sales Question?

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Sales Question

Sales Tip:

Know Your Product

Being able to sell is half the battle. Understanding what you’re selling is the other (often under-appreciated) half. In the old days, selling relied on charm and snake-oil tactics. But now that prospects have more access to information than ever before, they’re not fooled so easily. To gain their trust and add value to their lives, you have to truly know your product.

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