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Real Sales Talk has a live webinar on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM

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About our Zoom Meetings

Our Real Sales Talk Zoom meetings often focus on a particular question, and we like to hear from all of our attendees. An example of a question asked in the past: “What have you NOT done in the past six months that you need to get a handle on and do better in the next six months, and how will you accomplish that?”

Sometimes we have Guest Speakers or Sponsors who talk to us about some of their meaningful experiences in sales, and we then have a Q&A portion of the meeting, and time for feedback. We address REAL issues that salespeople run into and provide REAL feedback from other sales professionals.


We currently have over 100 active listeners including:

Birmingham, AL
Ron - Marietta, GA
Justin - Marietta, GA
Steve - Augusta, GA
Laura - Savannah, GA
Woody - Detroit, MI
Anthony - Boiling Springs, NC
Randal - Charlotte, NC
Andrea - Charlotte, NC
Brandon - Charlotte, NC
Shelby - Charlotte, NC
Robert - Charlotte, NC
Billy - Raleigh, NC
Terence - Charlotte, NC
Kelly - Spartanburg, SC
David - Rock Hill, SC
Daniel - Spartanburg, SC
Travis - Spartanburg, SC
Eric - Spartanburg, SC
Bobby - Gaffney, SC
Keefe - Charleston, SC
Nicole - Columbia, SC
Emery - Columbia, SC
John - Columbia, SC
Sally - Greenville, SC
Richard - Greenville, SC
Susan -Greenville, SC
Jim - Spartanburg, SC
Tom - Spartanburg, SC
Cynthia - Spartanburg, SC
Tim - Charleston, SC
Jill - Charleston, SC
Elizabeth - Charleston, SC
Karl - Houston, TX
Daniel - Houston, TX
Bruce - Houston, TX