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Real Sales Talk
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Changed the way I think
"I am so thankful for Real Sales Talk & ING Savannah. I feel like this group is really helping me change the way I think about sales and my lifestyle. The people I have met have been awesome and Chris has been such a motivational person for me."
Robbie Willingham

Integral part of my business
"ING implemented a platform called Real Sales Talk which provides an opportunity for members of all Chapters and guests to be a part of a virtual meeting to share ideas for growing our professional development and business pipelines. In one meeting alone, I was exposed to over 50 people from various business development areas and Chapters. WOW…that’s real networking!! I consider ING to be an integral part of my business and I am excited to be a part of this organization."
Elizabeth M. Matthews
Southeast Regional Manager
Newson Gale
Real ideas and solutions
"I have found the Real Sales Talk program to be informational and insightful. Each call deals with real challenges and issues we face every day. The Real Sales Talk platform allows for an engaging exchange of ideas and enables connectivity not found anywhere else. After each call, I have a list of excellent ideas that I can put into practice for me and my team. These are real business development professionals with real challenges. We share real ideas and solutions and get real results."
Brian Gallagher
Vice President, Corporate Development
Graycor Services
Stay Motivated
"Real Sales Talk has allowed me to connect with different people from all over the U.S. and hear about techniques to be a better salesperson. It has helped me stay motivated and has given me assurance that I am not the only one needing to adapt to the changes to be successful."
Jill McCurry

Concept Packaging Group
Extremely Proactive
"Since joining the Charleston, S.C. ING Chapter in October, 2019, I have experienced many positive benefits. Being a professional in the industrial business development section for over 14 years, I will have to say that ING is the best networking organization I’ve ever joined. We have weekly chapter closed meetings that provide an opportunity to request and share leads with the team. In addition, ING has developed chapters in many of the other states that I cover in the Southeast so I can network with those members as well. During Covid, ING was extremely proactive in communicating with its members by providing additional self-development training with professionals as well as virtual opportunities to continue our networking events."
Elizabeth M. Matthews
Southeast Regional Manager
Newson Gale
Invaluable addition to our sales training
"As the Director of Sales at Phenix Construction Technologies, Inc. Real Sales Talk is an invaluable addition to our sales training. I have 20+ year’s experience in leading and training sales teams and I learn something from every single session. We encourage every teammate to participate in Real Sales Talk."
Daniel Dupuy
Director of Sales
Phenix Construction Technologies
Ability to Network
"Real Sales Talk gives salespeople the ability to network, learn, and have a sounding board for any questions, concerns, or advice they have for and from other salespeople. The structure allows for maximum participation with a myriad of experience levels in sales and sales management throughout a fast-paced hour virtual meeting!"
Robert Scott
General Manager
Atlantic Forklift Services, LLC
Sales Professionals
"What an awesome (unique) format for sales professionals!! It allows everyone to feel they are a part of the discussion and to gain insight from so many different & unique perspectives - I have learned so much and look forward to the weekly discussions."
Daniel Allison
Commercial Relationship Manager
Waldrop, Inc.
Group Participation
"Real Sales Talk is first class training! Great overview of the basic concepts and lots of ideas for making a professional sales a strong process. The exercises and group participation are most effective!"
Kelly Ryals
Sales & Marketing Representative
SERVPRO®of East Greenville County